Creature FX - Volume 1 takes visual effects to a whole new level, introducing many advanced industry techniques developed for some of the latest visual effects films and utilizing up to date software and methods to create blockbuster visual effects!

This series is designed to focus on dozens of the visual effects assosiated with character and creatues and other organic and animated subjects

In Creature FX volume 1 - We go through the entire process for creating character disintegration effects, similiar to the visual effects seen in many of today's big feature films, many of which Allan McKay is personally responsible for - including Day Breakers, Blade Trinity, Priest and many other popular Creature FX films! Not only will you be able to download Creature FX Volume 1 right now and get started, but you will quickly master the process for creating realistic effects and all elements involved for creating characters bursting into flames and burning away each layer of the the actual character through advanced particle systems, scripting, fluids and ultra-advanced shader techniques!

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Allan McKay is a Hollywood veteran in the industry with nearly 20 years experience working for Industrial Light + Magic, Blur Studio, Ubisoft, Activision and many others. Some of his film credits include The Last Airbender, Looper, Transformers 3, Flight, Superman, Blade Trinity, Metallica, 2012, Star Trek 2, God of War, The Equalizer, Destiny and many more. Also awarded as an Autodesk Max Master and Emmy award winner and Oscar Nominee.

Allan is a Master Classes speaker at events and colleges such as SIGGRAPH, FMX, MindTrek, Gnomon, Digital Tutors, FXPHD and CG Society


Particle Mask Generation and timing
Creating Procedural Particle Triggers
Creating Sparks + Ember Systems
Creating FumeFX fire elements
Creating secondary Fire Elements
Generating Dynamic Ash Simulation
Developing System into a Procedural Workflow
Creating FumeFX Smoke Simulations
Developing the Burn Shader
Creating Ground Interaction Impact FX
Fire Sparks Animation
Masking Channels
Build Render Passes + Rendering Out
Compositing FX Elements
Creating Lighting and Lighting Passes
Advanced Compositing Techniques
Finalizing Comp and Final Look

From the initial construction of each layer of the effects, through to rendering out each pass and constructing a heavy 2D composite to bring all of the render elements together, tweaking each layer and utilizing compositing tricks to enhance the overall visual effect

Not only do we cover how to create this effect, but also how to create an intuitive workflow process for building the entire visual effects pipeline, so we are able to make changes on the fly and the entire system update and adapt, but also replicate the pipeline easily for dozens of other effects shots!

Once the production process is built, we build it into a procedural platform so all effects are easy to change and everything updates seamlessly.

Thorough heavily explained and demonstrated steps, take us through everything from beginning all the way through to building our render passes, and then final steps into compositing all of our work together to polish the final rendered sequence out.

Heavily using many of today's industry standard tools in production to create our visual effects, including Particle Flow and FumeFX!

8 killer hours of Advanced training content (So basicaly 8 thorough hours to become a total bad ass in FX)
When I initially came on board to work on Blade Trinity, I had already made variations of the pretty famous 'ashing' concept that I had seen in previous blade movies, Buffy and other films and tv shows. I was pretty obsessed with it in my earlier years and it was a dream come to true to be a part of that film. Now I had frustrations with that project, because we had a pretty convoluted multi-step process which involved probably 10 artists to burn a single vampire, and a lot of the methods used in my opinion were a little ghetto.
Later on, I got asked to do a lot of similar effects for dozens of other movies, one in particular was DayBreakers which I was supervising on and involved with from the very early preproduction process. WETA was involved in all of the on-set creature work, my buddy Steven Boyle was Creature Supervisor for this project, which I thought was cool because the last we had chatted was right before I flew out to do Blade some years back, and he had mentioned he was jealous I got to work on that film. So fast track some years later he's kicking ass at WETA Workshop and we're working together on this epic film with Ethan Hawke and Willam Dafoe!
Now this was a chance for me to design something cool and match it very closely to the work WETA was doing at the time. I wanted to build a procedural pipeline and a very affective workflow to tie in many of the looks I wanted for this film, but also into a process that would allow me pretty single-handedly to develop the ashing and particle effects for the entire film to execute by myself! We had other people handling different bits of the film, but in terms of fire, particles, fluids etc. That landed all on one person, me. So this meant that we needed a very affective workflow that was powerful enough but also flexible enough to be handled by one person and shown to the directors to get direct feedback throughout the film on dozens of shots at a time!

Fast forward after that film wrapped, I wanted to use the lessons I learned from that film and many others and incorporate them into something cool. Something that would allow everyone else to be able to replicate what I did but much easier and straight forward. More so I wanted to avoid what you see on most other peoples DVD's or tutorials (not that there's really much out there) which is typically showing a couple of small tricks or techniques but not really showing HOW TO APPLY IT. This is where I wanted Creature FX to be different, I wanted to do something that would show you how to get a model of a character, and then know the frame he burns up and the frame it ends, build the entire process, break it all up into layers so each system is unique but it's all controllable and flexible to change easily and at will (The trailer explains this pretty dang well I think!) but then show how to render each element or 'render pass' out so that we can then bring it into comp and begin to composite it all together to build the final rendered shots. "Just-like-in day to day production". I've yet to see anybody do that, and it sucks because it's the only way you're really going to learn and get better, right!?

Once you complete this DVD you'll have a full understanding of how to apply this effect and create it from scratch in shots, but also because you learned the process in-depth you'll know how to create dozens of other effects based around these core concepts. In other words, you're going to become a pretty bad ass FX Artist, and you'll have solid knowledge of both Particle Flow, and FumeFX as well as compositing and advanced render techniques, all the things needed for and constantly asked for from this industry!
If I saw more people apply these techniques to their work I'd probably hire half these people myself!
Allan McKay Training used by the following studios and many more!
What you will GET from this! :

Upon competition of this DVD you'll not only have killer effects rendered out ready to show off, but a deep understanding of the processes involved and able to apply to many other effects based on the fundamental processes covered with Creature FX. Not only that, but you will have a complete understanding of the production process from not just starting out and creating the effects, but also the render process and compositing process involved!

Within minutes you can be downloading all 8 hours of training and within days become an instant bad ass creating amazing visual effects with zen like confidence!

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or 4 payments of $19.75!!

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