Fume FX: Advanced - the ultimate solution for Fume FX Training  

The sequel to the highly acclaimed Fume FX: Essentials, which is has made its way into practically every major visual effects studio around the world as their primary resource for fluids and Fume FX, as well as utilized during the development of many big Hollywood visual effects films. With over 10,000 units sold, this makes the Fume FX: Essentials the most popular fluids training resource for 3D Studio Max
in the world!

Just released, the new and highly anticipated Fume FX: Advanced, focuses on covering many of the advanced subjects for fluid simulations, creating photo realistic Fire and smoke, and massive explosions that rival most real explosions and stock footage. This DVD prepares both intermediate and professionals alike, for tackling the most difficult of visual effects shots, with confidence and solid knowledge and understanding of fluids and particles, shaders and compositing to conquer the most ambitious FX and approach the tasks correctly.

So far, this DVD has been a complete success used in many high profile movie and game studios including

  • Digital Dimension
  • Frantic Films
  • Electronic Arts
  • Rhythm & Hues
  • Blizzard Cinematics
  • Ubisoft
  • Sega Japan
  • Last Pixel
  • Condor
  • Rock-Star Games
  • And hundreds more!
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This DVD covers industry techniques and walks through many practical examples of real life visual effects shots, from the initial pre-production and planning, building scripts to automate your tasks and enhance particles to manage your fluids containers for you, or to be driven by your fluids, all the way through to rendering and preparing your scenes, rendering, and finally compositing the final effects into your visual effects shots.

With high resolution and crystal clear sound, and over 24 hours of video! This DVD is the ultimate training solution for both film and game studios alike! Aimed at advanced users, the DVD does cover topics thoroughly and explain methods clearly enough that most people should still be able to follow at any level, but having a good solid understanding of FX is recommended.



Chapters (total 24 Hours of content)

1 - Introduction

2 - Creating Realistic Fire And Flames

3 - Utilizing Masking Channels For Fire

4 - Creating A Realistic Flame Thrower

5 - SIGGRAPH 2008 - Digital Pyrotechnics Master class

6 - Practical Example Of Lighting A Man On Fire

7 - Explosions And Pyro 101

8 - Utilizing Vectors To Drive Particles

9 - Scripting

10 - Animating Time Values

11 - Temperature Maps And Other Values

12 - Advanced Explosions

13 - Practical Exercise: Helicopter Destruction A

14 - Practical Exercise: Helicopter Destruction B

15 - Advanced Pipelines For Automating Fluid Creation And Particle FX

16 - Practical Exercise: Creating A Car Bomb Explosion

About the Author

Allan McKay is a Hollywood veteran with over a decade of experience working both on feature films and tv commercials for some of the most prestige studios across the globe. Allan has been acknowledged for his work on many high profile projects as well as being guest speaker on both panels and at conferences around the world including Siggraph, Digital Media Festival, Software and Film launches as well as holding master classes to not only talk about his previous work but also help teach and tutor other up and coming film and visual effects students.

Being placed in many roles he has both supervised and directed many small to large scale projects on set as well as in post production. Coming from an artist background and working his way up through his career, as with most successful creative's and business owners – he’s been through the trenches during his early career and learned the business from inside to out.