Master Explosions, Fire, Fracturing and Destruction, Dynamic Simulations all in a real production pipeline!


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Hey everyone,Allan here - thanks for checking out this site! I've been hammering away for quite a while ALL DAY every DAY - building the what I hope you'll find to be a very comprehensive DVD on going through

all aspects of FX! Not the typical "click this and that" type of training, but one where we take a start from beginning through to rendering, and tackling every aspect, every effect, everything from the initial model, pretty much what I would do on any typical movie project! So I hope you guys like this, I definitely think it's something everyone should check out, whether you're 'new' to the industry or a seasoned veteran, as there's a lot of great stuff in here! Over EIGHT HOURS of video! And we look at Thinking Particles, Rayfire, Fume FX, and a lot of other really cool tools and approaches to doing Hollywood film effects!
Take a look and let me know what you think!

Thanks guys! -Allan




Time to blow stuff up! This DVD goes from start to finish through creating an entire production shot - developing from the ground up the initial bridge overpass scene - prepping it for FX and going through all of the phases of destruction and pyrotechnics! From the initial conceptual stages we look at how we will tackle this effect as if it was a real production shot, the challenges we'll run into and what is necessary to achieve the detail and effects we need!

From blocking out the initial previsualization and then moving onto fracturing geometry and prepping the effects, we then go through creating realistic explosions the dynamics, missiles, smoke, sparks, fire, every single effect needed as well as all of the additional dynamic fracturing and coregraphing our shots to get the specific desire effects we want.
This is by far the most comprehensive training material out there that will go through the entire process of being an FX Technical Diretor on a movie and tackling all of the aspects you would in real life and on a real Hollywood film production!

Key Features

* Over 8 Hours and 13 Videos of Training Tutorial Videos!

* Intense training going through real production pipelines and processes, everything you need to get you up to speed with how to create visual effects for Hollywood movies using all of the techniques and approaches that FX Technical Directors use day to day at most leading Visual Effects Studios and to get the best results.

* Recorded at HD 1080P - crystal clear video at High Resolution

* Intense Fume FX Training both creating fireballs and explosions, pyroclastic smoke, thick dust and procedural impact effects, Missile Trails and dozens of other effects covered here!

* Crash course into using Thinking Particles, we move heavily into how Thinking Particles works in real production proven techniques, as well as advanced fracturing, procedural and secondary effects, as well as getting complete control from your dynamic simulations.

* Using Fume FX and Thinking Particles together to create various destructive effects! As well as X-Mesh and various other tools to make your scenes cached, fast and interactive.

* Gain a better understanding of what's going on 'under the hood' in Fume, Thinking Particles and most of the leading tools used in the industry! So you can better use them for your FX purposes and get that 'specific result' you're after

"This DVD is designed to be the secret weapon all FX TD's should have, not only when initially grasping new features and mastering Fume & Thinking Particles, but also something to refer back to constantly during production as a secret manual on how to kick ass in the production workplace."



1. Introduction

2. Layout + Pre-viz

3. Dynamics 1 + Fracturing

4. Dynamics 2 + Advanced Thinking Particles Setups

5. Dynamics 3 + Advanced Destruction & Secondary Effects

6. Pyrotechnics + Explosions with Fume FX

7. Pyroclastic Clouds and Heavy Dust with Fume FX

8. Additional Pyro FX

9. Secondary FX and Finishing up Particles + Fluids

10. Advanced Dynamics and Polishing Dynamic Set-Ups

11. Thinking Particles Procedural Impact FX

12. Fume FX Missile Trails

13. Summary





Download the no BS ultimate showcase for creating FX for Feature Films today in minutes! And get busy blowing sh*t up!

Inside you'll discover ...

* 8 hours of 1080p HD video!

* Everything you need to know to create killer visual effects using all of the latest techniques using today's software solutions

* Follow the exact production process used within the Visual Effects Industry by many leading FX Technical Directors!

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