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Happy 2010!

Los Angeles bound!

Hi everyone and happy new year!

Wrapping up on The Last Airbender for Industrial Light + Magic over the coming month and I will be officially be setting up in Los Angeles as my base city to work out of. So for future reference if anyone needs work done or consulation/supervision I will be based in LA and a lot more accessable! Over the coming weeks I have a lot of new great announcements to be unveiled, and a load of new content both for 3D Studio Max and Maya, so expect a lot of new stuff soon!

CG Society Real Flow Workshop #2

The CG Society Workshop Real Flow was a huge success, it sold out in less than 24 hours after it was announced! And it’s currently in week 3 of 8 with all the students creating some amazing work!

Because the workshop sold out so quickly, there’s already been a lot of enquiries and a waiting list quickly building up that is nearly already at maximum. So for anyone interested in participating in the next Real Flow workshop and missed out last time, you can sign up now for the waiting list so that you will be assured a place in the next one which will be announced in April. To sign up email Biljana at CG Society asking for a place in the next Real Flow Workshop. Email her here

Creature FX Volume 1 DVD Review up at MaxUnderground

Creature FX Volume 1 physical DVD being sold through Turbosquid check it out!

3D World Magazine + Digital Media World Fluids Articles

A lot of you might notice the past few articles I’ve been contributing to a lot for 3D World Magazine in London, take a look at the past few issues and the current one out at book stores right now. I also have completed the fluids overview series for Digital Media World Magazine, reviewing and comparing the fluids for Maya, Max and Houdini.

Day Breakers

Day Breakers is released, this was a co production between my studio Catastrophic FX and Kanuka who headed up all of the major visual effects (go Kanuka!). What made this production interesting was the fact that we were 5 3D artists (2 seniors, 2 juniors and one animator) working collaboratively between Houdini and 3D Studio Max seamlessly. Our budget for this entire show was beyond tight, and yet we managed to pull off a lot of major FX sequences for the film without any overtime or any real stress. I personally created all of the digital fire for all of our FX sequences, as well as supervizing one of the big sequences in Day Breakers. We created the visual effects back in 2007, however the film had been delayed until 2010. I haven’t personally seen the film, however it was a fun opportunity to work with a lot of close friends back in Australia on probably the tightest project I’ve ever worked on (I’ve worked on tv commercials or tv channel ID’s that had bigger teams) so it was a real collective force to get this film out the door!

Check out the trailer here

Posted on February 2nd, 2010
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Rock on guys!

-Allan McKay

2,719 Responses to "Happy 2010!"

  1. Hello Allan,
    I just bought Creature Fx and I have to say this is an impressive job you have done.
    It’s really a shame that we don’t have tutorials of this magnitude to Maya Fluids.
    I’m a Maya user and I’m starting to fell in love with Max because of you.
    Thanks for all the hard work.
    Please continue.

  2. Allan McKay says:

    Thanks Vitor! I really like Maya but I’ve always battled with Maya fluids as they tend to be so slow at times, but they are 7 years old now. I hear Autodesk is working on new fluids though which hopefully will improve on it. I’ve thought about doing some Maya tutorials as I’ve been using Maya for about 12 years, although finding time is difficult these days.
    Thanks again mate!

  3. In this link are the main features presented by Duncan:
    You probably know the link.
    Cheers Allan

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